Minatoku Aikikai

Aikido in Tokyo

Aikido in Minato-ku, Tokyo

We practise Aikikai style Aikido. Visitors and beginners are always welcome.



Budo-jo 4th floor, Minato-ku Sports Center, Minato Park Shibaura Bld., Shibaura 1-16-1, Tokyo (entrance to Sports Center on 3rd floor)

Only 2 minutes walk from Yamanote line Tamachi Station, east exit (see image bottom right or map on "links" page), or from Mita Station, exit A7 (cross the street, walk into the small alley next to the Mitsubishi showroom and through the pedestrian tunnel to cross the tracks). 


Ota sensei, 7th dan Aikikai

Fujihiro sensei, 6th dan Aikikai

Sugawara shihan from Aikikai World Headquarters, 7th dan (once a month) 

Training times:

Tuesday 18:00-19:45 (Sports Center closes at 8pm because of Wuhan virus rules)

Friday 18:00-19:45 (Sports Center closes at 8pm because of Wuhan virus rules)

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month 9:30-11:30 (open day for Minato ku residents)


Training etiquette:

Arriving late for training is not a problem. We all have our obligations outside the dojo. Just bow in when entering, and bow to the instructors. Then warm up and join the class. 

Visitors are welcome to watch or join at any time.


Entry to Sports Center: 500 Yen for Minato-ku residents (200 Yen if you register), 800 Yen for non-residents of Minato-ku.

Training: Club membership 3000 Yen/month. However, Tuesday and Sunday are open dojo days, so non-members can join.

Membership is required to take tests for grading. Also, members do not need to pay entrance to the Sports Center on Fridays (free ticket at the sports center reception counter).


None. No preconditions for age or physical condition; all can participate to the best of their abilities. Dress: Members are requested to buy an Aikido/Judo/Karate uniform (any is OK). For visitors, loose-fitting sports wear (e.g. sweat pants and T-shirt) is fine. Short pants are not recommended, as there is some kneeling and moving on the ground involved.


Instruction is in Japanese, but English is understood. Like with other martial arts, language is not really an issue... just learn by doing!


Send an e-mail to minatoaiki @ gmail . com

Or just come and take a look


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